the hand breathes with the world

3 Jun – 12 July 2023
Körsbärsgården Konsthall, Sundre Gotland


The smell of hay.  A wall warmed by the sun. Water lapping beneath a dock. There was a time when the world was present and certain.
But now something’s not right, a conflict between human beings and a world which is no longer passive. The sea no longer provides, the forest is silent.
That which we previously could do without thinking is no longer possible. 
The Hand Breathes With the World is an attempt to return to a relationship to the world built on reciprocity. The craft is a way to re-create that which has been lost between man and world. In the experience of relating to a material, we’re forced to listen to powers outside of ourselves.
To understand the world through our hands.


Wool, wood, the hand’s work. This exhibition shows tapestries as portraits of a landscape and of the material itself. The loom as a sculptural form, where its relationship to the human body is allowed to expand out into
the room.

I’ve been a working artist on Gotland for a few years now and I work with the material around me. Often that’s wool, and not only to make use of a local resource that otherwise lacks commercial value. It also puts me in direct relation to this place, to the landscape, and to the knowledge of
sheep farmers and the network around the material.